Congrats to Arno van Zon with titling his German Shepherd Lambik v.h. Groot Wezenland for BH/VZH.

Congrats to Douwe Venema for titling his malinois Kracker v.h. Groot Wezenland for IPO 1 with a super result: A-95, B-95, C-99 in total 289 points


Congrats to Nina Post for titling her malinois Kimbo v.h. Groot Wezenland for  IPO 2, with super points:
A 99- B 97, C 95 in total 291 points  !!!!


Gera Klesman with Ijencka v.h. Groot Wezenland reached the second place with 93 points on the C-trial in Molenbeersel, Belgium. Congratulations my friend !


Congratulations to Kathy Denille with her malinois Intox van het Groot Wezenland (Full brother from Irock), for competting in the IRO World Championship for Rescuedogs 2013, with a nice place in the list ! We are proud on you!


Congratulations to Joep Renders with his malinois female Ilarca van het Groot Wezenland with reaching teh 4th place KNPV Object Guard, on the National KNPV Championship in Eindhoven in Holland


Last weekend 3 malinois breeded by our kennel got KNPV certified !

Number 1: Youri van Driel with Ibasco van het Groot Wezenland, KNPV PH 1 + lof with 436 points.

Number 2: Joep Renders with Ilarca van het Groot Wezenland, KNPV Objectbewaking + lof with 402 points.

Number 3: Willem Dusseljee with Irock van het Groot Wezenland, KNPV Objectbewaking + lof with 389 points.

Congrats to all the doghandlers for their nice results !!


Congrats to Caio Alexandre Rodriques with reaching the first place from the Brasilian championship from the SBCPA, and being the Champion 2013 with "Fury v.h. Groot Wezenland" (Quint son) and selected for WUSV 2013 in U.S.


Congrats  to Ivo van Olmen with titling his German Shepherd "Kenzo van het Groot Wezenland" on level IPO 1 (99-91-90)

19-05-2013 Congrats to Nina Post with titling her Malinois "Kimbo van het Groot Wezenland on level IPO 1 (96-91-100)


Congrats to Mr. Jan Redder, who got today a nice SG in the Christmasshow in Holland,  with his German Shepherd  "Karlo van het Groot Wezenland".



Irock v.h. Groot Wezenland got the third place in the KNPV trial in Leusden / Holland. Mario Karel congratulations with this nice result!

Our malinois Bjorna welped today. A nice litter from 7 strong males and 1 female !


Our malinois Ijencka van het Groot Wezenland welped today. A nice litter from 3 strong males and 2 females !


Our GSD Halix vom Burg Kurzwallen welped today.  A nice litter from 4 males and 4 females, all dark grey or black.


Our friend Caio Alexendre reached the third place on
the Brasilian Nationals for all races with Fury van het
Groot Wezenland (Quint son). Caio congratulations! We
are proud on you, you together did a good job !

Click for video :
Max Macedo, helper flat with the long attack from Fury !

Our Mali Jana vom Heustadlwasser got a nice litter (5 males and 2 females) from the topclass male Guido van Valesca's Home.   

Our GSD Doris von Giliannes got a nice litter (3 males and 3 females) from Zamp vom Weinbergblick. All puppies are very strong. All puppies from this litter are sold!
Congrats to Mr. Harrie Jordans for titling his German Shepherd Igore van het Groot Wezenland on level IPO 3.


Congrats to Mr. Joep Renders for getting his KNPV cert. PH 2 + lof (433 pts) with his malinois Ilarca van het Groot Wezenland. 

We welcome in our kennel the young very temperamentfull female "Jayla van het Groot Wezenland", daughter from our Doris von Giliannes. We say thanks to Letchimi for entrusting us this female

We welcome our new breeding and sport female Halix van Burg Kurzwallen SchH 1 (A 99 - B 96 - C 93) Kkl 2. We say thanks to Ludo and Gina for entrusting us this nice and very good female.

We welcome  our new studdog "Kay vom Grauen Stahlhammer". We say thanks to Paul Madou, for entrusting us this nice and very characterfull dog. 

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